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Book your time off for now, send the kids back to school, and enjoy the ideal time to absorb the last bit of sun you will see for the next 10 months. We had such a great 1.5 months of summer and we probably need the rain anyways. The days are getting shorter and snow starts to appear on the very tops of the mountains.

US-Divorce Forms has joined forces with Rocket Lawyer® to offer access to a vast library of divorce forms and documents.If the image is black, the last recorded image from the provider was probably during the night.If you don't see an image at all, the provider may be experiencing difficulties with their webcam. Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger missed three games during the 2012 season due to an unusual shoulder injury, and his performance continued to suffer after his return.In his stead, backups Byron Leftwich and Charlie Batch muddled through a 1-2 record that was earned primarily due to strong performances from the defense.Pro Football Talk was only one of many voices expressing ambivalence toward that move.

They wrote that the team is “just taking advantage of the roster spot to take a look at a quarterback who might be an arm for them to use during offseason work”, adding that “Wilson might last with the team until camp or he might be bounced from the roster long before the start of summer”.

Sun, moderate temps in the low 20's and sunset bbq's on the beach to go well past pm. Some municipalities even enforce water restrictions as they are running out of water - this seems shocking given the events of the last 8 months. Either fly immediately to your preferred choice of Mexico/Hawaii/anywhere-but-here, or hope the freezing levels are low enough to enjoy what will probably be some of the best skiing of the year. Go to work in the dark & rain at 8 am, come home in the dark & rain at 4 pm.

Get out there and pack a whole year's worth of adventures into one month. The gift from August usually lingers for the first half of September giving lots of sunny days.

Whether or not it was a surprise that the Pittsburgh Steelers drafted a quarterback in the fourth round of the 2013 NFL Draft depended greatly on who you asked.

Equally elusive was the answer to the question of whether or not it was a good idea.

Since young children are still developing an understanding of social and ethical norms, the law usually does not hold young children accountable for their actions -- that is, young children lack something called “legal capacity.” While the law cannot assign legal responsibility to an individual who lacks the mental capacity or maturity to understand the consequences of his or her actions, at what point does someone legally become an adult?