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In any case, her interaction with him ends with her walking away swinging his hand cuffs on her finger while he is seen in the background buttoning his shirt back up.Thus, the authorities are covering for her, she apparently had sex with him in the middle of a busy sidewalk and she is into S&M (handcuffs within a sexual context).

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In fact, it turns out that he too is an android and is thus, by definition, programmed, controlled, etc.A man and boy, apparently father and son, both look lustfully towards her, she makes a kissing motion and the camera zooms in on the boy.Thus, she is depicting herself as a straight up pervert in more ways than one—or two, or three.Well, she snaps out of her daydream and is seen where she was at the beginning of the video which is in the midst of a press conference.The man driving the car in her daydream is there and turns out to be her manager.Some of the lyrics are, move over Shakespeare: Lately I've been stuck imaginin'…be a little inappropriate… I wanna go all the way / takin' out my freak tonight / I wanna show / all the dirt / I got running through my mind…

Lately people got me all tied up / there’s a countdown waiting for me to erupt / time to blow out / I’ve been told who I should do it with / to keep both my hands above the blanket / when the lights out…

“MAINTAIN IT” —is a command to maintain the Vow of Silence.

“MAINTAIN IT & LISTEN” —a command to keep silent & listen to a command.

As another example of this, in the Britney Spears video for “I Wanna Go” she is un-contextually handed some seashells upon realizing that the whole video up until that ending point, she was daydreaming.

In the video’s beginning she is seen wearing a half shirt with a skull wearing Mickey Mouse ears.

Each night, the aliens wipe the memories of the abductees and place them in different life situations: one day you might be a plumber, the next a police officer, one day you are single, the next you are married with children, etc.