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Bombay sex chat

Hello all, Hubby and I love to make up naughty limericks laying in bed at night.Before children came along we had loads of great ones, which sadly we never managed to write into a book Please share your limericks here to brighten everyones day and raise a smile There was a young man from Lahore, Who had quite a stinky back door, With a huff and a puff, He did a big guff, And crapped all over the floor.

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There once was a man named Jock, Who had an extremely long ****, He wrapped it around his tummy and down, Through his trousers and into his sock.Indian sex stories have erotic indian stories and hindi and tamil sex stories from our surfers. Erotic Indian sex stories can be in Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam or english.The oldest and biggest Indian Porn Movie Site - constantly updating with new porn movies and DVD's from India.The first is an old lady called Flora, She was the most awful snorer, She would sleep, snore and natter, The most silly, bizarre chatter, So they covered her face with Angora.The other dodgy old ladys called Dot, To stop herself peeing shed squat, She didnt smoke, have nookie or drink, But struggled so hard just to think, So the doctors they wanted her shot.Dot was surprised, happy and shocked, Talking to God, now that rocked, Flora please give me His number, Before my last ever slumber, Ive got a few naughty sins Id like docked.

Dot I really would not mind in the least, I would help before youre deceased, Id just love to give you the nod, Only the chat was not with God, I chatted with the local parish priest!

It's not to the standard of the earlier ones on this thread but it made them cry laughing.

These two ladies must come with a warning, One flirts to get the men fawning, Twos a nurse who stole gas and air, Despite their false teeth and grey hair, Youll be laughing from night to the morning.

Dot moved her chair next to Flora's and sat Making friends and having a chat, But Dot loudly bellowed a fart, Despite her dicky old heart, And Flora shouted Oye I heard that!

Flora worries so about missing mass, Because they serve wine by the glass, You have no need for this worry Dot says Gods not in a hurry For his pew to be filled up with your .. Flora says its alright now, shes phoned Him, With tears in her eyes to the brim, I have explained I am not well, Told Him how painfully Id fell, He comforted in that case its no sin.

There once was a man from Leeds Who swallowed a packet of seeds Within half and hour His balls were a flower And his d*ck was covered with weeds! When I visited Nantucket in Cape Cod later in life, I think I giggled the whole time I was there.