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Black couple dating

Proper research ahead of time, creating a list and/or draft schedule of things you would like to do to maximize your stay when you travel.Lastly but most important of all, enjoy the moment with the person you’re traveling with and all the location has to offer. Dated 2 years before marriage, so a total of 7 together. I have always loved to travel from when I was little & I passed that love on to my husband when we met.

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Rome definitely from a historical standpoint with all the ancient fortunes it has to offer.When traveling abroad, purchase travel insurance in the case of emergencies (medical/transportation), because once you cross the waters yours is no longer valid.Definitely make a copy of your passports and cards you will use while traveling and keep in a safe at the location you’re staying.What a great gift we have given each other throughout the years…the gift of travel! We spent a month together there & created several great memories. During 11 wonderful days we got closer & talked more. Sometimes we get so immersed in phones & the internet that we as a society can be sitting right next to someone but be distant & distracted.Remember to take turns choosing where you go to be fair. One of the biggest was a spelunking/excursion through 4caves, mountain climbing & underwater caverns. That trip was well needed to reconnect & appreciate each other even more. We are in plans to go to Dubai this upcoming October and currently in training for hiking the mountains in Chile in June. Our advice to other couples who choose to make that travel journey together, no matter how far, plan as much as you can. We would say almost immediately, travel became a topic that was brought up quite often during our initial conversations.Barcelona- we thoroughly enjoyed the architecture and sceneries during a bike tour.

How can you not enjoy the view of Spanish Catalan architect, Las Ramblas, Basilica of the Sagrada Familia and the food experiences with tapas bars while mingling with the locals etc. Here are a few suggestions when traveling as a couple.

Soak it in realizing you’ve just accomplished something amazing as a couple. One month into our romance I said time for a road trip to Virginia Beach and two months after that we flew to Minnesota.

He picked up my habit and enjoys it as much as I do. Favorite locations: Assateague Island in the DMV area for camping. It’s camping on a beach and you can hear the waves crashing. Visiting Japan and China was an awesome experience.

You can go an hour from home to a new city or 19 hours to another country but just treat yourself to new experiences.

For anniversaries and birthdays we don’t run out to stores to buy each other material things, we go places and make new memories as our gifts to each other.

We are planning to visit all 7 continents within the next 5 years. enjoy each other & ALWAYS communicate with each other & have each other’s back. Move pass them fast & focus on the love & being each other’s bodyguard-mind, body, spirit, & wallets (lol). We would discuss where we had been and the places that were on our travel bucket list.