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Ask your price dating

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It is more like a bidding game where members bid to go on their first date by paying a specific amount.

The attractive women get paid only at their first dates.As the website does the talking for you, you mention your price, the woman takes the offer and you both are off for a great evening.Such a straight feature keeps you away from fake profiles.Signing up at Whats Your is easier than on other websites.While filling the details, you have to mention whether you want to be a part of Generous Men or Women list or Attractive Men or Women list.And once you are in, you will gain access to a number of profiles and pick the best date.

The users can sign up for free at Whats Your and meet tons of members who want to get paid for their first dates.

Hence, if you are paying a membership fee, why not pay a little amount and authenticate your account to receive more winks and date proposals?

The unique selling point of Whats Your is that there are no time-wasting features such as sending winks or messaging to the person, waiting for their reply; initiating the chat, creating the atmosphere to talk and then asking for a date.

If you find any spark in your partner, you can start dating or look forward for a healthy relationship.

However, you cannot make an offer to the same generous man for a second date.

Unlike rest of the websites where the verification badge is provided with no extra membership fee, Whats Your charges a little if you want to authenticate your account.