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Articles on abuse in teen dating

Abusers will also use putdowns, bullying and humiliation to make the victims feel paralyzed and unworthy of a better relationship.

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Other ways cyber bullies harass their victims is through by listing the people they do not like and writing derogatory remarks about them on their My Space, Facebook or Xanga pages.Abuse in relationships can take many forms, including physical, mental and sexual.According to the Domestic Violence Resource Center, one in four women has experienced domestic violence.He may demand that she stay home with him instead of going out with friends or seeing family.He may threaten to harm her or himself if she leaves or talks to anyone about the relationship, or he may threaten violence against her children or pets.Social networking actually existed before My Space and Facebook.

Online communities began building in the late 1990s with sites such as Classmates and Six Degrees.

A final thought about cyber bullying is that one of the most common reasons reported as to why it is on the rise is due to the anonymity offered by the Internet.

Bullies on the Internet are less likely to get in trouble than a bully on the playground because they do not have to use their real names or pictures online. The only way to completely protect young people from abuse on social networks is to banish Internet use all together.

Her articles have been published in "The Atlanta Journal-Constitution," "Alive," "The Marietta Daily Journal" and other publications.

Kunz holds a Bachelor of Arts in creative writing from Knox College and is a Road Runners Club of America-certified running coach and a certified pole dance instructor.

Since that is never going to happen, here are a few steps young adults, children and parents can take in order to help prevent abuse on social networks.