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There is no 100% reliable solution since the RFC is way too complex.

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Note that in character sets, special characters (., *, ) do not have any special meaning.Two people are together for 60 years, then one of them dies — successful relationship?Our partners are experts in their specialties which makes me learn a thing or two every day.These days, Chris Stark has taken over his role, to an extent, and I believe the current pairing is as good as Chris Moyles and Comedy Dave used to be in their heyday.The fact they are always at the forefront of news – Scott recently attended the One Direction Film Premiere in London, conducted a telephone interview with Lady Gaga, and sent another Chris Stark interview around the globe, featuring Jennifer Aniston (the previous one with Mila Kunis garnered over 11m views).This means match anything that is a single white space character OR anything that is not a white space character!

DOTALL is a flag in most recent regex libraries that makes the .

Mills had told listeners: “I’d like to point out, before anyone complains, this is a person from Essex, living in Essex on a show (The Only Way Is Essex) about Essex.” He added: “I’m enjoying this so much.” The DJ previously appeared on Strictly Come Dancing, defending the show’s refusal to have gay dance couples.

On 11 July 2012, the former Radio 1 Breakfast Show host (and self-styled saviour of Radio 1) Chris Moyles announced that he would be leaving his show at the end of September.

Jokes included: "'What's the first thing an Essex girl does in the morning?

To keep her ankles warm', and 'What does an Essex girl say after her doctor tells her she is pregnant?

In this example, the date fields will only accept input that matches the pattern 'dd/mm/yyyy' (this could just as easily be changed to 'yyyy-mm-dd' or 'mm/dd/yyyy').