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Tucking a pair of handcuffs into her skirt and a quick twirl of the plastic truncheon Deb was ready to go to Sallys.

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Flirting, all the girls were laughing and joking with the guys accepting the free offer of drinks.As Debs group moved from bar to bar, each bar threw up new blokes trying there luck, there seemed to be two blokes that followed the girls to each bar.Sally was first to spot them, look Deb theres those two young lads again.Apart from her lesbian sex sessions with sally her best friend and fucking her self senseless with the toys, Deb had not indulged in any other form of sex.Finishing the shower and getting dressed, Deb slowly pulled on the stockings, Suspenders, lace knickers and bra.Spreading her legs slightly Deb allowed Sally to stroke the lacy covering of her hot wet pussy, all while Sallys unaware husband drove both girls to meet the rest of their friends.

Pulling up outside the bar, both girls jumped out the car, with Sally giving Steve a peck on the cheek his last words he heard was dont wait up.

Next her underwear, first Deb picked a thong but dissuaded it, looking through various knickers Deb finally decided on a pair of lace black knickers and a lacy push up bra.

Moving into the shower, as the water cascaded down her 39 year old fit taught body, she caught a glimpse of her self in the mirror.

Im Sally and this is PC Deb, Sally giggled The eyes of the older lad lit up, and gave Deb a sly wink, Deb returned a slight smile. Both agreed and said there goodbyes to the young lads.

Inside the club the girls were enjoying mucking around flirting and dancing, some one hour later Tyce and Stu reappeared and started dancing with all the girls, as the music slowed both black lads smoothed in on Deb and Sally.

Sally replied oh I dont really know, I think I may go with my St Trinians outfit, you know short skirt, stockings etc, what about you?