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After some good chatter and claims that she was shy, this horny house wife lead me upstiars. Hubby watched me get to grips with her for a good few hours and I have a inkling he enjoyed me fucking his sexy wife just as much as I did.

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I also have a London tour planned which is booking up nicely, so I look forward to seeing some of you there!Well that’s it, another year in the death throes, while the mewling cry of 2018 struggles through the birth canal of excess and mawkish nostalgia.I’m not sure that I’m a great one for the festivities at this time of year. Either they overindulge with alcohol and excessively protest jubilation, or there are many, many people who just feel the global bonhomie highlights their own personal loneliness.Jay was a top guy and very welcoming and Shan was unbelievably sexy!I thought I was just going for a drink and a chat but as soon as I saw S I knew I had to fuck her.At one time people chinked a couple of glasses and blundered their way through a couple of verses of Auld Lang Syne, but the growing trend each year is for ever greater volumes of beer, ridiculously expensive firework displays, and overblown gestures of universal love.

Then the next day everyone is either nursing a sodding awful hangover or they’re back to the grind of surviving life and keep their head down. I may watch a bit of Jools and I make open a bottle of champagne.

Then again, who knows, I might like to see 2017 go out with a bang, a bloody horny bang as a nice hard cock fills me with cheer right up to the hilt. I’ve never hit an orgasm on the stroke of midnight but I suppose there’s always a first time, and not many people can claim to have had a climax that took so long it lasted from one year to the next ! This year has been amazing, and I’ve really started taking a step in the right direction, from finally sorting out an incall flat to passing all of my assignments at uni for a change!

I’m really grateful to those of you who seen me this year and took a chance at visiting me in my work flat.

I know many were sceptical of Walker, but most have been pleasantly surprised.

Having this space rather than relying on hotels has been a massive positive step for me, and has improved my reliability massively, as well as introducing me to a different client base.

While I haven’t yet been getting an abundance of firsts, I’ve done a hell of a lot better than previous years and if I keep it up, I expect I’ll graduate after all!