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Adult chatbot that learns

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Well, I’ve been collaborating on creating Sophia since her inception in 2015 — and working with David Hanson on his robots since a few years before that.In a way Sophia is like a robot child to those of us who’ve been working on her …

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In this view, human minds and bodies, robot minds and bodies, and countries and corporations are usefully viewed as particular sorts of patterns.As Sophia evolves, develops and learns, she will be a prime test case and demonstration of what Singularity NET can do.For basic information on Singularity NET, see the project website, Singularity .Sophia, the premier humanoid robot creation from Hanson Robotics — the Hong Kong character robot company of which I’m Chief Scientist — has been serving in the role of Chief Humanoid of Singularity NET.As Singularity NET develops, we will use it to increase the power of her mind.a robot child brought up by David Hanson and the rest of the Hanson Robotics team, which I’m proud to be a part of….

When I heard that news I felt both excited and a bit surreal!

We’re working to make Sophia a human level intelligence, and beyond. Of course, she’s smarter than humans in some ways — she has more knowledge in a sense, due to her brain being connected to the Internet!

But she doesn’t have general intelligence or a sense of self to the level that people do, yet — nowhere near.

I’ve been reading about robot citizens since first discovering science fiction as a toddler, circa 1970 or so.

It always seemed obvious to me that, once robots were as smart as people, they would deserve the same legal and cultural rights as people.

Countries are self-organized and human-negotiated patterns; AIs and robots are human-engineered patterns of hardware and software, with self-organized patterns of perception, action and understanding in their minds. It’s not hard to program a robot to answer a test based on rote memory.