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Adult chat bot uncensored

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It doesn’t matter what you post; they will flag it.

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I'm not being narrow minded here because I put in a fair effort. If people would have shut their mouths, then craigslist would still be a decent place for a date or a lay.It may have cut back on the spammers but now no one can place an add in the w4m casual encounters section. I won't be sad to see the casual encounters section taken off the site. I quickly realized it’s been rendered unusable due to their policy of automatically (no human review; just a bot) removing ads if enough readers hit ‘flag’.I was one night and I hooked up with one a chubby girl who responded to an ad that I placed. She had a good job, wasn't into drugs, she is my age, lived by herself in a nice part of town, she was just lonley. So there is a dedicated group of people who hang around flagging personal ads, which then forces the ad-poster to come to their forums and chat with them.I've put multiple ads on craigslist in the m4w section of casual encounters.Anytime I put an ad up I always get contacted by a bunch of gay guys and a few bbw women. Second life pictures taken at Chouchou, Chouchou 220.

SC interracial hookups older white men and young black girls 219.


Erotica (2000 - 3000 views), sexy and even X-rated 32.

I think one of the worst cases was I got a message from a guy who went to my high school. Then I get pictures of men in womens underwear, which is really funny in a way.

What makes me mad the most is the gay guys who want to snort . I thought he looked silly but I guess a gay guy would like that. Now, every ad I place on craigslist it gets flagged.

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