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Note that these effects are most noticeable when the pupil is large; i.e. The age-related decline in accommodation occurs almost universally to less than 2 dioptres by the time a person reaches 45 to 50 years, by which time most of the population will have noticed a decrease in their ability to focus on close objects and hence require glasses for reading or bifocal lenses.


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[1913 Webster] Syn: To suit; adapt; conform; adjust; arrange.

The dependency of accommodation amplitude on age is graphically summarized by Duane's classical curves.

When humans accommodate to a near object, they also converge their eyes and, as a result, constrict their pupils.

Quantifiers are used to indicate the amount or quantity of something referred to by a noun.

They are different from numbers because they indicate an approximate amount rather than an exact amount.

However, the constriction of the pupils is not part of the process called lens accommodation.