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The constructions overlap randomly generating a chaotic in-between space of informal surfaces.-This urban structure reveals the historical lack of urban codes.

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Although modernists offered this inside long ago, only today can we see that it was actually prophecy.” Sanford Kwinter Scenario -The analysis of the urban morphology reveals a rhizomatic pattern in which a spatial structure is roughly recognizable.the combination of these relations leads to a site-user specific architectural definition.“ec(os)cript”算法可通过不同强度的参数改变其过程形式,两种不同层级之间形成反馈回路对遗传代码进行同时调控,其中: - 从宏观上调控政府监督和管理范围内的活动。通过生产率以及信息交换我们能够准确定义岛屿的全面关系、经营额度与商业价值。 - 从微观形式上来看,该系统允许居民通过改善环境的方式来定义各自宜居的生活空间。在这基础之上,用户可以依据地方导则有效地调控诸如规模尺度、长短距离、群众关系、发展方式、容量大小、排斥强度、开放性质、保守性质、吸引力等参数。综上所述,这样的一种组合关系使得居住者对建筑的定义不再千篇一律。 The ongoing nature of the process enables different configurations.The aspects considered are: -the energies and qualities of the territory quantifying its rate of production, movements of goods -the system of road (car and pedestrians) and water transportation; its deficiencies and intensities -the morphology and the composition of the existing settlements in forms of space relationships, -the commercial aspect of the island and its future urban expansion as proposed by the competition brief, critically assessing which could become its future ecological thresholds.设计过程 “ec(os)cript”项目描述了基础设施如何通过评测和整合岛屿潜在的数据系统来建议一个共生关系的“物质组织模式”。 对交换关系、互利共生、遗传型(现有状况、材质、能源景观)以及表现型(用户的意向和环境的改变)元素的定义都汇入到“Epigenetic Landscape”的界定。 我们所考虑方面为: - 量化土地性能、生产速率、物流、能源等数据 - 道路系统(车辆与人流)和水上运输的优劣比较 - 现存的形态与结构在空间中的相互关系 - 在竞赛任务书中对岛屿的商业建设与城市发展进行了评估,这可能是向岛屿未来生态建设所迈出的第一步。 The algorithm “ec(os)cript” is a processual device and its formal output is directed by parameters that define intensities.“基础设施才是真正有趣而要紧的------很多现代主义建筑师早就提出的预言,如今已经成为现实。” 桑福特·昆特 场景 - 韩国Gadeokdo,18平方公里 -从城市形态的分析中我们得到了一个根状形结构框架,从中能够识别出一个大体的空间布局。建筑物随机散落在一片混沌的空间关系中。 -这种结构特征表明了在城市规划中长期缺乏设计导则。 - 村落的主要产业是渔业和种植业,公共空间只是剩余的被动的空间,缺乏明确的设计意图。 -总的来说,城市空间与基础设施仍保持着其各自的特征,并与自然景观充分融合,共同维持场地叙事性。 The milieu of this project is the understanding of the relationship between two terms: natural and artificial.

Its aim is the reconsideration, the “profanation” and re-description of these two adjectives that nowadays are framing a system of cultural/social/epistemological impasse.

-at a micro scale the system resilience allows the users, actual and future inhabitant to define their proper niche, forming and protecting their vital scenario.

At this level, formal and effectual relations can be manually operated by the users on the local code through the definition of parameters such as scale, proximity, mass, growth, inclusion, exclusion, openness, closeness, attraction, repulsion…

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