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If you have to extend your budget to reach that number, then the card isn’t right for you.

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A credit card is a tool, much like a hammer or Kanye West.That means by using that one card, you can earn an extra $360.Some cards, like the Discover It and Chase Freedom, offer 5% cash back up to the first $1,500 spent on categories –like Amazon or restaurants– that change every three months.To take full advantage make sure to sign up for the rewards before each three-month cycle and actually use the card on purchases that fall under the bonus categories. Apps like Wallaby can help you maximize your rewards.Don’t Carry a Balance A credit card is an unsecured loan.A great score, for instance, means you’ll pay less when it comes to borrowing money for a house or a car.

Rewards, such as cash back rebates and frequent flyer miles, add tremendous value to your spending, while borrowers are entitled to useful ancillary benefits like extended warranties and price protection.

Step one is to consult your borrowing rap sheet – a.k.a. You’re entitled to one free credit report a year from each of the three credit bureaus – Experian, Transunion and Equifax.

Go to to order your reports gratis, and make sure to contact the bureaus if you spot errors.

In a time of increased illegal hacking, stolen credit cards are much easier to remedy than pilfered debit cards.

Misused tools, though, cause damage, and credit cards are no different.

To make the most of your credit cards, and avoid dismissing them out of fear, here are 15 credit card do’s and don’ts. Maybe you want to finance a large purchase or afford yourself extra time to pay off a preexisting debt without accruing interest?